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1938 ALA Code of Ethics for Librarians


The essence of librarianship

1. The universe from which librarianship derives its function and within which it moves freely is the mediated human record.

2. Librarianship posits the selection and collection of documents--whether for preservation or consultation, or both--to be the best way to link our two greatest enterprises: the past and the future.

3. Librarianship operates within an institutional context that shapes the nature of its service.

4. Librarianship selects materials and offers services solely on the basis of usefulness to the community served. It defends its work on the same basis.

5. Librarianship strives to link individuals with library content that is consistent with their needs and interests.

6. Librarianship protects the confidentiality of those served.

7. Librarianship recognizes organized storage and description to be fundamental means of service.

8. Librarianship promotes cooperation among libraries as a means to better service.

9. Librarianship is any work pursuant to these ends.

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